Date Fishery Public Relations Download
08/01/2019 Questions and Answers - Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in general and in Thailand Download
08/01/2019 EU lifts “yellow card” from Thailand for its actions against illegal fishing Download
23/07/2017 FAO 2016 The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture Download
25/05/2017 Eng_DOF_Fishery News Tuna Conference 14th 25 May 2016 Download
24/05/2017 Eng_TTIA press release_Tuna Conference 24 May 2016 Download
24/05/2017 Eng_Ms. Natalie Webster Vice Chair of International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) 24 May 2016 Download
24/05/2017 Eng_Mr. Walter Anzer DG of British Food Importers & Distributors Association 24 May 2016 Download
24/05/2017 Eng_Mr. Paolo Bray Founder and Director of Friend of the Sea (FOS) 24 May 2016 Download
23/07/2017 Eng_Mr. Adolfo Valsecchi Chairman of Conference of World Tuna 24 May 2016 Download
16/11/2016 2016_Nov_16_EP_delegation_expresses_appreciation_for_Thailands_efforts_against_IUU_fishing Download
29/01/2016 Eng_2016 Jan 29 Thailands Zero Tolerence on IUU fishing & Human Trafficking Download
16/01/2016 Eng_2016 Jan 16 MFA Thailand's Progress in Combating IUU Fishing Download
15/01/2016 Eng_2016 Jan 15 TTIAs Action to Redress IUU Fishing Download
15/01/2016 Eng_2016 Jan 15 BOT & TSFR_Press release_Human trafficking and anti-IUU Fishing Download
05/05/2015 Eng_2015 May 5 TTIA statement towards a yellow card by the EU Download